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The Safe and Sanitary way to Celebrate!

We live in a new era…

The Gazuntite Cake Shield is a one of a kind product that covers the cake for a more sanitary experience and is a fun and safe way to celebrate.

It is a new and unique product that protects any cake from being bombarded with germs and bacteria from a child or adult blowing out the candles on the cake. It is not only a very sanitary way to celebrate but it can be very decorative and fun.

The Gazuntite Cake Shield is made from plastic and it can come in any color or style, shape, or design anyone could desire (Currently only available in clear).

It is just common sense that when children or anyone are blowing out their candles, they are also spreading germs and bacteria all over the cake and could cause people to get sick.

This is especially true for children and that is something all parents would like to reduce to the minimum chance of their child getting sick because of the exposure to those germs and bacteria.

The added feature of the Cake Shield is that it can be printed with any brand name such as Disney, Hello Kitty, or any brand name that can help increase those sales and can be a great addition for any distributor or retailer.

It is a great product for the retail chains, specialty stores, TV, distributors, gift shops such as Hallmark and we are working hard to have them in these and many others.

The dimensions of the Cake Shield are 20″x14″x4″.

For a limited time, a complimentary carrying sleeve and a box of candles will be included!

Help keep our children safe from the spread of germs as they continue to enjoy the tradition of blowing out candles before they make a birthday wish.

Sharon Goodman, Inventor
Springfield, MA


A design patent has been issued #US D710,157 S. The patent is just one patent granted and another will be granted shortly.


Currently, we are only selling & shipping directly through If you have questions about special orders or licensing offers, please contact us below. Thank you!

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